The Number Pieces of John Cage (7)

I have discussed several times in this blog about John Cage’s Number Pieces. In particular, in my research on exploring the many possibilities offered by the system of time-brackets, and the resulting large-scale structure, I have introduced a statistical approach which relies on algorithmically generating multiple versions of the score through the random selection of the starting and ending times for each time-bracket (see my previous posts here, and here).


As I have suggested in these posts, this could also be used to automatically render multiple audio versions of these pieces. This has been done by Mikhail Malt:

  • Benny Sluchin, Mikhail Malt (2012) « A computer aided interpretation interface for John Cage’s number piece Two5, » in Actes des Journées d’Informatique Musicale (JIM 2012), Mons, Belgique, 2012, p. 211-217,

and I also presented some results on \text{Five} and \text{One}^4.

Since I’m also interested in John Cage’s piece \text{One}^5, which I discussed here, I decided to post several algorithmically generated versions of this Number Piece. I posted them on YouTube, and you can find them below. Do not hesitate to comment / send feedback on this !

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