Happy New Year 2019 !

Happy New Year 2019 !

A {2,0,1,9} chord (which could also work for a couple of other years…)

I wish to everyone a happy new year 2019, may it be filled with exciting stuff and discoveries !

When I started this blog a little more than five years ago, it was from a desire to communicate on the topic of math/music and its recent advances. It was also a way for me to organize these results in a clear form: a series of posts on transformational and neo-Riemannian music theory, a series about rhythmic canons, an introduction to the Z-relation, etc.

The blog seems to slowly attract more and more visitors each year. After five years its aesthetic look seemed outdated and this is why, about a month back, I decided to change it. In the process I realized that many figures in old posts were poorly rendered, mainly because I used a bunch of different solutions for creating them which resulted in graphics of very different sizes and resolution. Lately, both on this blog and on academic publications, came the need for more and more complex figures in music. I thus decided to find a solution which would allow the drawing of high quality diagrams without effort. The use of TikZ and LaTeX proved useful, and I’ve decided to make it available for everyone to use: the GitHub repository AlexPof/latexfigs-music has a LaTeX file with all the code and examples needed.

As for the new year resolutions, it is certainly a cliché that the first one be that I should post more often, a resolution which will most probably not resist the test of time. But my other blog resolutions deal with math/music topics I didn’t cover this year, so I should try to stick to the first one. Among other subjects: to continue the series of posts about networks in transformational music theory, to cover some of the recent papers by Fiore in neo-Riemannian theory, updates on my Python package Opycleid (which has been accepted to the Journal of Open Source Software, see here !). There also will be a couple of posts in 2019 about sumerian language and data science, a subject which I have been interested in for about year now.

So, stay tuned for more !

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