SMIR seminar in Strasbourg

I came back from Strasbourg where, at the invitation of Moreno Andreatta, Andrée Ehresmann and myself gave a seminar in IRMA (Institut de Recherche Mathématique Avancée, UMR 7501) as part of the SMIR project on the categorical tools we developed in music, especially for Klumpenhouwer networks

The cathedral of Strasbourg

Speaking of which, Andrée, Moreno, and I have uploaded last month the paper ‘Groupoids and Wreath Products of Musical Transformations: a Categorical Approach from poly-Klumpenhouwer Networks’ on ArXiv (, which provides a categorical/groupoidal framework for transformational music theory and voice-leading.

This was an occasion as well to work with Moreno’s team, in particular on Sonia Cannas’ work on sevenths chords (see her latest paper in MCM 2017 here), and how it could be analyzed through the framework of relational PK-nets (introduced here), as well as for the question of Hamiltonian cycles and paths.



I plan on making a series of posts on Klumpenhouwer networks, and the categorical framework we have been developping around them, so stay tuned.

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