Upcoming seminar…

This blog is not dead. You might remember that I’m working with a team in IRCAM (Paris), as well as with Andrée Ehresmann, on a categorical formalization of some musical structures known as K-Nets and PK-Nets. We published a paper in the MCM 2015 proceedings, and since then we have expanded this work in many directions, leading to a recent submission of a much larger paper to Perspectives of New Music. This took us a lot of time, hence the reduced activity on this blog.

If you happen to be in Lille, France on March, 23rd, Andrée Ehresmann, Moreno Andreatta, and I will be giving a lecture in the “Séminaire Itinérant de Catégories”, presenting our work on PK-Nets and our recent results.

Here is the link to the seminar website.

I hope to be able to return to this blog soon. I’d like in particular to talk about the Z-relation, and homometric sets in music.

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  1. Really enjoyed your intro to neo-Riemannian theory, has inspired me on my current composition. You might be interested in submitting a paper or poster to our Sound and Music Computing conference in Hamburg, Aug/Sep 2016. Deadline for papers is 4 weeks away (though might be extended). smc2016.net

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