Abstract legos (4)

I just discovered recently this architectural project :

Habitat 67 - 2

It’s named Habitat 67 and was built for the 1967 World’s Fair in Montreal, by architect Moshe Safdie. The odd thing is that it was his master’s thesis project (!). Located near the Saint Lawrence river, this landmark seems to have been quite successful at the time. Here’s another view from above :

Habitat 67 - 3

Incidentally, I also learned that Moshe Safdie was the architect behind the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore.

Doesn’t that remind you of the abstract legos I’ve been posting recently ? Here’s six new constructions in the 6-5 model to compare :

6-5-N16-angle2 6-5-N16-angle1


6-5-N18-angle2 6-5-N18-angle1

6-5-N19-angle2 6-5-N19-angle1

6-5-N20-angle2 6-5-N20-angle1


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